2014 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report

Dear Members & Friends,

Philanthropy is, above all, a culture of generosity and stewardship rooted in love for people, community and place. The imperative of giving calls forth the best parts of our selves and our shared humanity — in all of its complexity, diversity and imagination. We are proud to celebrate our region’s unique philanthropic movement, grounded in the values of community, collaboration, equity and inclusion, and built upon a strong and abiding sense of place.

In 2014, we witnessed — and in some cases helped shape — both exciting new work and the coming to fruition of seeds long planted, including:

  • The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation placed themselves at the forefront of the global response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
  • Many community and corporate philanthropists responded to disasters closer to home, including mudslides and wildfires, and in doing so, built and strengthened enduring relationships with nonprofits, government and among each other.
  • Many funder and community collaboratives that came together to learn, engage with communities, advocate for policy changes and make joint investments, including: Recover Alaska (reducing the harm of excessive alcohol consumption), Graduation Matters Montana (increasing high school graduation rates and building networks for student success) and Philanthropist Forum (improving the foster care system).
  • Many foundations in our network, including Meyer Memorial Trust, The Russell Family Foundation, Whatcom Community Foundation, Empire Health Foundation, Northwest Area Foundation, Seattle Foundation and The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, deepened their commitment to impact investing through initiatives such as Invest Oregon, Cascadia Foodshed Financing Project and Divest/Invest Philanthropy.
  • We forged reciprocal relationships with the statewide nonprofit associations with our region, and are actively working with each of them — individually and together — on joint programming, networking and knowledge sharing to strengthen the voice of the social sector and convene authentic, blended community conversations.

As you’ll see in the tables that follow, our financial condition continues to reflect the strength and vitality of our network, and we continue our ongoing work to bring you unique, high-quality and carefully curated experiences that help you grow as a philanthropist and deepen your practice, individually, organizationally and collectively.

Your partner in giving,

Jeff Clarke, CEO

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