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March 26, 2015

by Ann Saxton, vice president | Last week I had the pleasure of attending Foundations on the Hill (FOTH) in Washington, D.C. with a number of our Philanthropy Northwest partners and almost 200 others in the philanthropy community from across the nation. Over three days we met with government agency officials and more than 20 members of Congress from across our six-state region to share the vital role our sector plays in supporting healthy and vibrant communities. For some, this was a first opportunity to meet and begin forming lasting relationships with elected officials and for others it was a chance to reconnect and show ongoing commitment to the mission, issues and communities we serve. more »

March 25, 2015

by Ann Saxton, vice president | Last week, a large contingent of Philanthropy Northwest members, a few staff and I joined almost 200 other foundation and association leaders from across the philanthropic spectrum to take part in Foundations on the Hill in Washington, D.C. In addition to highlighting the positive impact of philanthropic organizations in our communities and beyond, together we raised awareness about the significant influence tax policy has on our work and expressed our support for the America Gives More Act of 2015. more »

March 24, 2015

by Sindhu Knotz, partner, The Giving Practice | I’m excited to announce the launch of our second CEO peer learning group on diversity, equity and inclusion. This cohort includes nine CEOs of foundations in Alaska, Washington and Oregon who will meet four times in 2015. more »

March 24, 2015

by Jeff Clarke, CEO | Relationships with elected officials at the local, state and federal levels are the center of policy work. At the same time, these important relationships are but one of many necessary for influence within our large, complex policy ecosystem. Building relationships within the administration and across agencies, at all levels of government, is equally important. Mapping this part of the ecosystem and building relationships is a current focus of our policy work. more »

March 20, 2015

by Marie Sauter & Audrey Haberman | One year ago, on March 22, 2014, a devastating landslide hit near the town of Oso, Washington. On this somber anniversary, Philanthropy Northwest and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation would like to share a story of tremendous community resilience. We were honored to observe first-hand the roles of three of the many agencies and community members that worked closely together to meet the needs of people affected by the mudslide. more »

March 17, 2015

by Ted Lord, senior partner, The Giving Practice | Voluntary association fuels our nonprofit and philanthropic sector, and celebration is how we tune up and recharge. We neglect this at our peril. more »

March 12, 2015

by Shin Yu Pai, associate partner, The Giving Practice | As an incoming consultant for The Giving Practice, I’ve arrived at Philanthropy Northwest via an unusual career. Here's how I got here... more »