Advocacy in Action Series

Advocacy in Action Series

Join Philanthropy Northwest for the third year of our virtual workshop series on policy advocacy. This four-part series is designed for foundation staff and trustees who want to build their knowledge and capacity to engage in advocacy on policy issues.

The first two sessions will ground the conversation in appropriate ways that philanthropy can engage in policy advocacy by reviewing laws and sharing strategies. The last two sessions are practical implementations and deeper dives on how policy advocacy has strengthened initiatives and furthered issues in supporting and sustaining a more equitable democracy for our communities.

In previous years, Advocacy in Action was a great introductory series for philanthropic organizations or staff with limited experience in policy advocacy. This series has been redesigned and refreshed to be relevant for foundation staff and trustees who want to review the course and continue building their skills, as well. Each session features thought leaders and peer funders to engage and facilitate discussions on the various topics, and participants learn together in an interactive format.

At the end of the series, funders will have the knowledge to move forward with the development and implementation of their own strategies to participate in policy advocacy. Session attendees will be eligible to receive one free hour of policy advocacy consulting from Philanthropy Northwest's executive in residence, Remy Trupin.

Contact Ankita Patel, senior manager, public policy and advocacy, for more information.


Advocacy in Action Session 1: Rules of Advocacy for Funders
February 24, 2020  10-11:30 am (Pacific)
In session 1, we will review the legal rules of funding and doing policy advocacy work and how these activities can leverage your foundations’ impact.

Advocacy in Action Session 2: Why Policy Advocacy
April 27, 2020  10-11:30 am (Pacific)
In session 2, we will discuss the importance of engaging in policy advocacy as a strategy and the value add when funders engage in policy advocacy.

Advocacy in Action Session 3: Scaling Impact: Working Together for a Common Cause
September 21, 2020  10-11:30 am (Pacific)
In session 3, we will look at how funders can scale their impact by working together. We will use the 2020 Census and other civic engagement efforts across philanthropy nationally and regionally to advance public policy strategies and impact in communities.

Advocacy in Action Session 4: Building Democracy
November 2, 2020  10-11:30 am (Pacific)
In session 4, we will talk about how philanthropy can strengthen democracy by sharing bright spots and lessons learned.


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Members = $60 per session
Non-members = $75 per session


Please contact Ankita Patel, senior manager, public policy and advocacy.