Funder Briefing


Advocacy in a New Administration: A Workshop for Funders

January 24, 2017,
9:00am to 11:00am
Seattle, WA + Online

With a new administration and Congress and many changes in the states, foundations and their grantees need to be engaged more than ever. Advocacy is often the most effective strategy in the philanthropy toolbox…and will be needed more than ever. This training will explore how private and public foundations can support grantees’ advocacy efforts and engage in advocacy themselves. Specifically, this session will provide an overview of activities that constitute advocacy and public policy work; various advocacy roles for foundations; definitions of lobbying; and rules for private and public foundation grants to nonprofits that lobby, including general support, specific projects and multi-year grants.


The Landscape of Health Policy and System Change Advocacy in Washington State: Responding to the New Reality

January 17, 2017,
9:30am to 11:00am
Seattle, WA + Online

In this session funders will have a better understanding of healthy policy and systems change in the rapidly shifting landscape in Washington and implications of policy change at the Federal level. Washington Community Action Network and Northwest Health Law Advocates are consumer advocacy organizations working to ensure access to affordable, accessible, quality health care for all Washington residents. As a partnership, they strategically combine grassroots organizing with policy advocacy. Hear about their impact on the state's health system transformation efforts as they seek to ensure that the proposed changes are responsive to the needs and concerns of consumers, especially the most vulnerable. Learn about the links between this work and issues of racial equity and the "social determinants of health" - factors that affect health status such as homelessness, substandard housing, unemployment, adverse childhood experiences, and environmental factors. 


OneOregon: Shifting the Conversation about Immigrant Rights

December 8, 2016,
10:00am to 11:00am

This election cycle, we saw an unprecedented wave of extremist anti-immigrant rhetoric and ballot measures. We know the short-term strategies to keep bad laws from happening, but Oregon is also building a long-term effort to stop the legal attacks—and the xenophobia behind them—for good. Join OneOregon briefing on this effort on this effort. 


Funder Briefing: Civic Engagement, Participation and Activism in Communities of Color

November 21, 2016,
1:15pm to 4:15pm
Seattle, WA

Civic participation and engagement of communities of color has enormous potential to lead to lasting changes in our communities across the sweep of issues of paramount concern – health, environment, economic justice, equitable access to jobs, housing and more. The stakes for the work of the next 6-8 years couldn’t be higher and the full participation of people of color will be critical.


Harnessing Broadband Access for Community Change

March 22, 2016,
9:30am to 11:00am
Seattle + Telephone

How can extending affordable, ubiquitous broadband access to Northwestern communities help your grantees and partners better achieve their goals? What are the particular connectivity needs of rural, geographically remote, and tribal communities? What are the barriers to better Internet access for different communities? Please join Philanthropy Northwest as we host Next Century Cities for a briefing about strategies for engaging community leaders and city government in the national broadband conversation. 


Advocacy in an Election Year: A Workshop for Funders

February 23, 2016,
9:00am to 10:30am
Seattle + Webinar/Conference Call

Election years provide an important opportunity to influence the agendas of our policymakers by educating candidates about issues that affect your mission and community. Advocacy can be a powerful tool for foundations and grantees to advance their missions. Not sure whether or how to make the case for funding advocacy? Uncertain whether you can fund grantees that lobby? Wondering whether your public or private foundation can speak out on a particular issue? Join Philanthropy Northwest and Alliance for Justice for a workshop about advocacy considerations for funders.


Endowment Management in Our Current Economic Environment: A Conversation with Verne O. Sedlacek

October 13, 2015,
9:30am to 11:00am
Seattle + Webinar/Conference Call

Please join Philanthropy Northwest, in partnership with M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, for an intimate conversation about our current economic environment and long-term management of endowments with Verne O. Sedlacek, former president and chief executive officer of Commonfund and current M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust visiting fellow.