Advocacy in Action - Policy Advocacy: Why, What, How?

Mon, March 18, 2019,
10:00am to 11:30am PDT

SESSION 1 - Policy Advocacy: Why, What, How? 

March 18, 10am-11:30am (Pacific) 

Philanthropy is an essential element in shaping policy and advocacy efforts. Without a clear understanding of the relationship between philanthropy, government and democracy, we miss opportunities to contribute our voice to shaping important conversations of our time. While we can greatly influence issues through our grant-making, we will look at the next step. Why is it important to participate in policy and advocacy? How must we use our voice? What must we understand and do? We will begin to discuss what policy advocacy is, think about the tools you can use, and encourage you to go boldly forward to use advocacy to further your mission, vision and impact!  


  • Courtney Chappell, Advocacy Director, Legal Voice
  • Ankita Patel, Philanthropy Northwest
  • Remy Trupin, Philanthropy Northwest


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Philanthropy Northwest invites foundation staff and trustees who want to build their knowledge and capacity to fund and implement policy advocacy to join us for the second year of our virtual workshop series. This year, we will have four sessions on the fundamentals of policy advocacy and setting the stage for effective policy advocacy at your foundations. The first three sessions will focus on building your organization’s policy advocacy capacity and strategy, and the last session will focus on how you can work with grantees to support the most effective and meaningful types of investments. Each session features thought leaders and peer funders to engage and facilitate discussions on the various topics, and participants learn together in an interactive format.  

At the end of the series, funders will have the knowledge to move forward with the development and implementation of their own strategies to participate and make strategic investments in policy advocacy work. If you are unable to attend the entire series, we invite you to attend the workshops that are most relevant to you and your interest areas. 


Advocacy in Action Session 1: Policy Advocacy: Why, What, How?
March 18, 2019 10am-11:30am (Pacific) 

Advocacy in Action Session 2: Funding & Engaging in Policy Advocacy Rules and Regulations
April 22, 2019 10am-11:30am (Pacific) 

Advocacy in Action Session 3: Preparing for Impact: Defining Success and Making the Case to Boards/Trustees
July 8, 2019 10am-11:30am (Pacific)

Advocacy in Action Session 4: Building Grantee Capacity to Do Policy Advocacy Work
September 9, 2019 10am-11:30am (Pacific) 

You can register for all four sessions at a discounted rate! Members can register for the whole series for $150 and non-members can register for the whole series for $225! To register for the whole series, please go to our series registration page.

Session attendees who want more customized information can sign up for ONE FREE HOUR of policy advocacy consulting from Philanthropy Northwest's Executive in Residence, Remy Trupin. 


Please contact Ankita Patel, public policy and advocacy manager.