Community Briefing on Asian Pacific Islander LGBTQ Funding

Mon, September 21, 2015,
3:00pm to 5:00pm PDT
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
500 5th Ave N, Seattle WA 98109; Green Lake Conference Room

Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy (AAPIP), in partnership with Gates Asians in Philanthropy (GAP) and Out for Good, invite you to a community briefing and an open dialogue on the reality of AAPI LGBTQ communities.

The goal of this convening is to increase awareness of the critical needs and the funding landscape of AAPI LGBTQ communities, and to provide a unique opportunity to and meet and hear from local organizations working on the ground. Speakers will share their insights about the diverse needs as well as frameworks and best practices to strengthen philanthropic support to this underserved community. We invite foundation representatives and individual philanthropists to join this informative and compelling conversation to better understand the multiple identities of race, gender, sexuality and the lived experiences of LGBTQ AAPIs.

  • Alice Y. Hom, AAPIP Queer Justice Fund Director (moderator/panelist)
  • Kris Hermanns, Pride Foundation, Executive Director
  • Mijo Lee, Social Justice Fund Northwest, Incoming Executive Director
  • Sasha D., Trikone NW
  • Representative, API Chaya (invited)