Democracy Northwest: Raising Philanthropy's Voice

Tue, January 24, 2017,
12:00pm to 1:30pm PST
Seattle, WA + Online
2101 Fourth Avenue, Suite 650, Seattle, WA 98121

Philanthropy Northwest is moving its new Democracy Northwest initiative from an exploratory phase into a broader community-wide action agenda, and we hope you will participate!

One of the most unsettling election seasons in our history is now behind us. But the work of strengthening democracy is really just getting started. We’ve been asking ourselves some key questions these past few months:

  • Who is doing important work in our community to strengthen democracy?
  • What can we learn from those efforts?
  • Does philanthropy have a unique and important role to play in supporting this work?
  • Can philanthropy do a better job modeling democratic behaviors?

Here is where we landed: we believe foundations have an important role to play in confronting and overcoming the deep challenges facing democracy today. We hope you will join us in a conversation about this, that you will lend your voice and experience in developing and sharing strategies to strengthen democracy, and that you will help us reflect on what responsibilities we have as a field in these critical times.

In the next phase of the project, the Democracy Northwest team will work with you to identify the most promising ideas and together we will co-create programs, tools, and communities of practice to support them.

We invite you to continue to learn with us.

The Conversation

Daniel Kemmis will provide remarks on the Democracy Northwest initiative and the state of our democracy. Abby Levine, Director of the Bolder Advocacy initiative at Alliance for Justice, will explore the opportunities for philanthropy to "step up our game" given the existing political world, provide thoughts on what we should be on the lookout for during the next administration, and discuss pros and cons of various democracy strengthening ideas.

We’ll be joined by members and leaders from organizations on the ground grappling with how to rebuild our democracy in a way that is reflective, participatory, and effective.

Who Should Attend

Foundation and family office trustees and staff that recognize a functioning democracy is necessary for philanthropy to be successful. 

  • Time: Noon - 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, January 24 (Light lunch will be provided)
  • Location: Philanthropy Northwest | 2101 Fourth Avenue, Suite 650, Seattle, WA 98121. Video conferencing will also be available for this program and information will be provied upon registration.
  • Registration is required.  Please login first.

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