Global Donors Exchange Full Funding for Results Series: The Starvation Cycle

Mon, March 23, 2015,
12:00pm to 2:00pm PDT
Impact Hub Seattle, 220 2nd Ave S, Seattle, WA

Global Donors Exchange (GDX) annouces a three part series: Full Funding for Results

Are you starving your grantees?

Many funders continue to follow the age-old myth that only 10 percent of a grant should be allocated toward overhead. While this may have been sufficient in the days of small scale, volunteer-driven, charitable works, it is no longer enough for most charities that are now working on complex, root-cause-solving pursuits.

  • Do you allow overhead funding beyond a single, fixed rate amount?
  • Do you have a way for potential grantees to demonstrate their need for higher rates?
  • Are your policies flexible enough to cover all costs even if you wanted to?
  • Do you connect overhead funding to results?

Come learn more about how to break the grantee starvation cycle and help build a vibrant nonprofit sector. GDX invites you to a series of events designed to unpack the problem and explore specific solutions adopted in the field, as outlined by Bridgespan and others.

Session #1: The Starvation Cycle
March 23, 2015
(lunch included with registration)

Please join GDX for a panel discussion from the donor, social investor, and grantee perspective. This event is appropriate for donors, foundation staff and foundation board members. Panelists include:

  • Eric Walker, InsideNGO (and longtime VP, Corporate Development/COO, PATH)
  • Peter Drury, Splash
  • Lynn Coriano, Deputy Director, Social Venture Partners Seattle
  • Moderator: Sandy Clark, Grameen Foundation

Registration and more information

The subsequent sessions will be as follows:

Session #2: The Donor/ Grantee Commitment Process
April 21, 2015

Learn how one regional community of funders and grantees came together for results-oriented funding. This session is appropriate for donors, foundation staff, board members and grantees.
Local and registration details to follow.

Session #3: Solutions for Grantees
May 14, 2015
Learn how to take specific steps to deal with and break the overhead myth. This session is appropriate for grantees and foundation board members.
Local and registration details to follow.