Immigrant Families in America Today: How Fear and Toxic Stress are Affecting Daily Life, Well-Being and Health Webinar

Thu, March 8, 2018,
10:00am to 11:00am PST

New restrictions on immigration and increased immigration enforcement under the Trump Administration are having a profound impact on our nation, reaching from the dinner table to the board room, from courtrooms to classrooms. Few groups are facing as many challenges as the immigrant family. Join us for a webinar featuring a new report from The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, Living in an Immigrant Family in America: How Fear and Toxic Stress Are Affecting Daily Life, Well-Being, and Health. The report is based on focus groups held in eight cities across four states with a total of 100 parents in immigrant families, who represented 15 countries of origin, as well as on telephone interviews with 13 pediatricians who serve immigrant communities. We will explore how the new environment is affecting immigrant and refugee communities and how this translates into policy and opportunities for deeper philanthropic engagement. Register now to examine the experiences of immigrant parents and children, including immigrants who are undocumented and those lawfully present.



Registration will close COB Wednesday, March 7, 2018. 

A special thanks to GCIR members and members and the United Philanthropy Forum for their support in making this program possible.