The Landscape of Health Policy and System Change Advocacy in Washington State: Responding to the New Reality

Tue, January 17, 2017,
9:30am to 11:00am PST
Seattle, WA + Online
2101 Fourth Avenue, Suite 650, Seattle, WA 98121

Washington Community Action Network and Northwest Health Law Advocates are consumer advocacy organizations working to ensure access to affordable, accessible, quality health care for all Washington residents. As a partnership, they strategically combine grassroots organizing with policy advocacy. Hear about their impact on the state's health system transformation efforts as they seek to ensure that the proposed changes are responsive to the needs and concerns of consumers, especially the most vulnerable. Learn about the links between this work and issues of racial equity and the "social determinants of health" - factors that affect health status such as homelessness, substandard housing, unemployment, adverse childhood experiences, and environmental factors. 

The Affordable Care Act has been a major catalyst for these transformation efforts. With November’s election results, the work of these two organizations will be more important than ever as the ACA, Medicaid and Medicare are now under attack. Learn the latest on these attacks, the potential risks to our state, and how the changing landscape will affect advocacy strategies in this new environment.


·  Participants will have a better understanding of the health policy and systems change landscape in Washington and how their communities and priorities are affected by health system transformation;

· Participants will have a better understanding of the roles that health care policy advocates and consumer voices play in coverage/access issues and efforts to improve value in health care and why the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, John A. Hartford Foundation, and Atlantic Philanthropies have invested in Washington; and

·  Participants will have identified opportunities to collaborate with Washington advocates in their efforts to increase access to health coverage and care and to improve the value of that care for lower income Washingtonians.


Sue Sherry and Andi Mullin, Community Catalyst, will provide a brief overview of the system of advocacy model and national context for coverage and health system transformation.

David Adler, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, will discuss brief overview of the VAP project. Why RWJF is funding advocacy and why VAP decided to invest in WA. What RWJF sees as the role of the consumer advocate and consumers in health system transformation efforts to ensure reforms are responsive to the needs and concerns of consumers, especially the most vulnerable.

Mary Le Nguyen & Geral Hakerson, WA CAN and Janet Varon, Northwest Health Law Advocates – partnership of grassroots and policy advocates that have developed a lot of capacity over the years

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