OneOregon: Shifting the Conversation about Immigrant Rights

Thu, December 8, 2016,
10:00am to 11:00am PST

This election cycle, we saw an unprecedented wave of extremist anti-immigrant rhetoric and ballot measures. We know the short-term strategies to keep bad laws from happening, but Oregon is also building a long-term effort to stop the legal attacks—and the xenophobia behind them—for good. We're having a briefing on this effort on December 8 for no more than 60 minutes. 

In Oregon, anti-immigrant groups filed three 2016 initiatives that sought to undermine the wellbeing of thousands of immigrants and their families. Thanks to a coalition of diverse organizations and a sharp legal strategy, every single anti-immigrant proposal failed to qualify for the  ballot.  However, these same anti-immigrant agents have already filed measures for 2018 and the country's election results further embolden these extremists groups to enact their exclusionary agenda.

The One Oregon Coalition is committed to stop not just attacks in 2016 and 2018, but all future waves of anti-immigrant measures to come. 

These attacks call for a new approach.  In order to stop these attacks long-term, we must inoculate the electorate against anti-immigrant rhetoric and advance a broad, values-based vision of inclusion of immigrant and refugees that’s founded in tested messages and strategies. Now, facing a wave of the most anti-immigrant elected officials at all levels of office, that work is more urgent than ever.

Join us for a w briefing on One Oregon, Oregon’s public education campaign for immigrant rights. 

Together, we’re working to shift the conversation about immigrant and refugee rights, driving toward core values.

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