Peer Funder Briefing: Queer Data Project

Peer Funder Briefing: Queer Data Project

Colorful purple, blue and green lines in the background and an outline of Oregon state. Over the state outline says "Queer Data Project" below "For Oregon and Native nations that Share Geography" and to the right "Actionable information for LGBTQIA2S+"
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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
12:00pm to 1:00pm PDT

About this event

Over the last year, a group of community leaders from Oregon and Native Nations that share geography has come together to embark on an ambitious, justice-driven, statewide data-gathering project. This group believes that comprehensive, accessible, intersectional data about queer communities in our region is a necessary and timely tool for LGBTQIA2S+ advocates, champions and changemakers. We invite you to join us in this discussion about the Queer Data Project. 

This briefing will focus on:

  • The origins of the Queer Data Project
  • Existing LGBTQIA2S+ data in our region
  • The widespread and time-sensitive need for additional data
  • The national context for LGBTQIA2S+ data and communities
  • The next phase of the project and how funders and donors can get involved

Please join colleagues from the Meyer Memorial Trust, the Northwest Health Foundation, the Oregon Community Foundation and the Pride Foundation for a lively conversation about this exciting and necessary project. Although this work is focused in Oregon we invite funders from outside the state to learn how they can also support this work in their organizations as well!

Please contact Mares Asfaha with any questions.

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