Philanthropy 101 - Session #2:  Foundation Governance and Legal Issues

Philanthropy 101 Graphic with green building blocks
Wed, March 4, 2020,
10:00am to 12:00pm PST
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Philanthropy 101 - Session #2:  Foundation Governance and Legal Issues

This is the second in a five-part virtual series that helps all staff new to philanthropy better understand the sector. This interactive series will provide a historical overview of philanthropy, review a foundation's leadership and governance, provide an overview of grantmaking, debate the current big issues in philanthropy, and explore the various roles within philanthropy. To learn more and register for the series, please visit the Philanthropy 101 event page. 

Learning Objectives for this session:

  • Define 501c3
  • Identify who philanthropy is accountable to
  • Recognize the board’s responsibilities in different types of foundations
  • Recall the key legal and ethical issues in grantmaking through scenarios and guiding principles 


This  session is only open to registrants of the Philanthropy 101 five-part series. Please contact Elyse Gordon with any questions.