Rural Funders Call

Rural Funders Call

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Thursday, July 23, 2020
1:00pm to 2:30pm PDT

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COVID-19 has impacted rural communities around the country in ways that merit both local and systemic attention. Shut down of outdoor tourism; rural healthcare layoffs and basic manufacturing and food processing plant closures are all examples of specific impacts on rural life. Coupled with federal aid that bypassed many rural regions, many rural communities are faced with the challenge of maintaining a semblance of what they have and, concurrently, positioning for a long COVID-19 informed recovery.

Our next webinar will focus on specific examples of grantmaking intended to sustain local rural economies and of packaging capital for already resource-deprived communities. Importantly, we will revisit the critical issue of rural broadband that was featured in our first session through the lens of broadband access and how funders can specifically support local broadband development for economic growth.

While relatively few private funders focus on rural economic development, a thread throughout the session will be that the economic future of our rural communities is closely tied to funder work in health, education or the environment, as examples. Join us as we hear some specific actionable steps to add to your portfolio of long-term rural COVID-19 recovery support.

Please contact Sharayah Lane with any questions.

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