Seattle CityClub's Year in Review

Wed, December 10, 2014,
12:00pm to 1:30pm PST
Westin Seattle

It is time to reflect, listen and learn at Seattle CityClub’s annual Year in Review. What did we predict at the beginning of 2014, and how have current events changed or stayed the course? What were the most concerning and inspiring moments of the year for our panelists? How were businesses, government and nonprofits partnering to address labor issues, police reform and other community needs? 

Date: Friday, December 10
Location: Westin Seattle
Doors Open: 11:30 am | Program: 12 – 1:30 pm
Price: Coffee + Dessert Only $12 - $18  | Lunch $45 - $55


Moderator: C.R. Douglas, Political Analyst, Q13 FOX News 

Event sponsered by The Boeing Company and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

We are looking forward to an informative and engaging conversation from this diverse group of panelists.

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