The State of Shared Prosperity in Washington

Tue, August 18, 2015,
10:00am to 11:30am PDT
Philanthropy Northwest and Online
2101 4th Ave., Suite 650, Seattle

Briefing with the Washington State Budget & Policy Center

Individuals, children, families, businesses, and communities all benefit from high-quality education, a clean environment, economic development, a healthy workforce, and a good quality of life. They are the keys to social and economic progress.

The Washington State Budget & Policy Center’s 2015 Progress Index measures how Washington state is faring in multiple critical areas, from education to good jobs. Unfortunately, the findings show that Washington is stalled or falling behind on more than half of the measures of progress. The Index shows how budget and policy decisions as well as state investments play a role in these measures and how they affect Washingtonians’ opportunities.

Join the Budget & Policy Center for an overview of the findings of the Progress Index and a discussion about the strategies that policymakers can adopt to ensure that Washington state is moving forward.

The discussion will include an analysis about the hits and misses of the new state budget when it comes to progress. It will also highlight how the data and analysis in the Index can be used to start important conversations between funders and decision makers, mobilize communities and grantee organizations, and inspire change.

Some key questions we’ll consider in this discussion:

  • How can funding agencies work with  decision-makers on public policy issues?
  • How can policy-related research and data be used to support the work of the many nonprofit organizations working to create a better Washington?
  • How can we all take steps to become a state where progress is a given for everyone?


Lori Pfingst, PhD, Research and Policy Director, Washington State Budget & Policy Center 

Attend in person or online

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