Native Issues


Seattle Urban Native Nonprofits Funders Briefing

April 19, 2016,
3:30pm to 6:30pm
Seattle, WA

In June 2014, the United Way of King County published the report  A Vision for the Urban Indian Community: Assessment of Assets and Opportunities of the King County Urban Indian Population.”  This event is part of the Seattle Urban Native Nonprofits planning committee's implementation plan of the “Together We Can Lift Up the Sky” community-based initiative for Seattle’s urban Native nonprofit community.


Partners for the Next 10,000 Years: A Racial Equity Summit

February 1, 2016 (All day) to February 2, 2016 (All day)

Alaska is described as a land of promise and prosperity, yet stark disparities across our society, especially in the distribution of wealth and opportunity, exist along racial lines — in villages and cities, rural areas and hubs, island and road system communities. Our partners at First Alaskans Institute invites you to be part of its Advancing Native Dialogues on Racial Equity (ANDORE) project by attending a Racial Equity Summit in Anchorage.


Funding Indigenous Peoples: Strategies for Support

December 17, 2015,
9:00am to 10:00am

For funders seeking to understand how partnering with indigenous populations can advance mutual goals, Funding Indigenous Peoples provides an overview of indigenous issues and programs, funding strategies and approaches using real-world examples, tools and discussion questions for grantmakers, definitions of key terms, and additional resources. It is a guide highlighting the goals of donors and the practices of indigenous populations, especially in the areas of environmental defense, climate change, and global food security.


Local Matters: Alaska + Indigenous Communities "Philanthropy Is... Indigenous Ways of Knowing"

October 11, 2015, 6:00pm AKDT to October 14, 2015, 9:00pm AKDT
Anchorage, Alaska
Local Matters: Alaska + Indigenous Communities

We're invited into an indigenous-led space to more deeply understand what it means for philanthropy to build authentic partnerships with self-determined peoples, cultures and communities. We are honored to offer you this unprecedented opportunity for experiential learning grounded in community, reflection and co-learning. Registration is now closed but a few spots remain.

Fertile Ground: Planting the Seeds for Native American Nutrition and Health Funders Roundtable

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The Fertile Ground: Planting the Seeds of Native Health Funders Roundtable, October 2015 in Minneapolis, brought together 41 major national, regional and tribal funders and federal and state funding agencies focused on exploring opportunities to address the challenges Native peoples face regarding food, nutrition and health. This report summarizes the key discussions and learnings at the roundtable, serving as a roadmap for new partnerships and investments.

Funding Indigenous Peoples: Strategies for Support

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Funding Indigenous Peoples: Strategies for Support looks at how funders collaborate with and bring support to indigenous communities around the world. Through examples from a diverse range of foundations, this guide explores how grantmakers work with indigenous peoples, the approaches they take, and the practices they find effective.