Chief Executive Officer, Camp Fire Alaska

Chief Executive Officer, Camp Fire Alaska

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The Foraker Group
United States

Position Information

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Full time
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Salary Range: 
The salary range is $145,000-$180,000 commensurate with qualifications and experience.
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Executive leadership
Organizational Overview: 

The Organization

For more than 100 years, Camp Fire Alaska has provided a safe, nurturing place for families to send their children.  Camp Fire Alaska is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency with roots back to 1913. Camp Fire offers affordable high-quality programming, professionally trained and caring staff, and engaging activities that are appealing to youth.

The mission of Camp Fire is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to discover the best in themselves and others in a fun, safe learning environment. This is accomplished through programs  grounded in the Thrive{ology} methodology: establishing caring and mentoring adult relationships, nurturing social and emotional growth, and promoting physical activity and healthy life choices.  Operating year-round programming with an annual budget of approximately $7 million, 120 employees, and 112 volunteers, Camp Fire serves more than 5,000 youth annually. Camp Fire believes in the dignity and the intrinsic worth of every human being, striving to create safe and inclusive environments that celebrate diversity and foster positive relationships.

As the organization adapts to a new economic and childcare landscape following the social and pandemic disruptions of 2020-2021, Camp Fire is modifying and rebuilding programs and considering new opportunities to meet the needs of youth and families. The financial model that supported Camp Fire’s pre-pandemic programs was comprised of approximately 70% earned income from fee-for-service programs and 30% from grants and philanthropic contributions. In 2020-21 those revenue streams reversed—to approximately 75% grants (mostly in the form of federal relief) and contributions and 25% earned income. Importantly, while the funding changed, the commitment to serving children and families did not.  The Camp Fire team was quick to adapt programming, find new delivery modes, leverage financial resources, and effectively partner to deliver the highest quality childcare and out of school programs to the greatest number of youth and families. As of 2022, summer camp utilization is back to pre-pandemic enrollment and 50 % of the school-age programs are back in operation. Today, the organization is stable and positioned for its next evolution based on a notably long track record of success.

Role Responsibilities: 

Key Responsibilities

The Chief Executive Officer has the dual role as leader of the internal team and champion and advocate for Camp Fire’s mission across Alaska. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


  • In partnership with the Board, serve as Camp Fire Alaska’s visionary and strategic leader, setting the organization’s course and implementing strategies and actions for advancing mission
  • Ensure successful business operations and financial resiliency, including ensuring compliance with all funding and regulatory agencies
  • Engage in the organization’s strategic fund development activities to support the delivery of high-quality programs
  • Hire, supervise, and evaluate direct reports; encourage and set tone for staff development organization-wide, strategically develop future leaders; and ensure effective recruitment and retention practices
  • Cultivate a culture of gratitude and caring throughout the organization, including employees, Board, partners, donors, youth, and families
  • Ensure mission, values, and commitment to an inclusive environment are woven into all aspects of Camp Fire’s programs and interactions, both internally and externally
  • Provide support to the board of directors and their committees, regularly reporting the organization’s status and progress
  • Implement and maintain standardized and legally compliant operating practices, policies and procedures; ensure adequate risk management of organizational activities and assets


  • Manage public communications and serve as the spokesperson for Camp Fire Alaska to families, key audiences at the local, state, and national levels
  • Develop, expand and deepen relationships with relevant stakeholders to understand the larger landscape of opportunities and work collectively to address challenges
  • Alongside staff and board, develop, expand, and deepen relationships with individual, corporate, and foundation philanthropic donors and government funders, and volunteers, to fully understand community needs, build responsive programming, and increase youth participation in successful programs
  • Be an informed advocate for Camp Fire Alaska by staying up-to-date on issues impacting the field of childcare and youth development and a strong voice for the needs of all youth and families at the local, state and federal level.
Candidate Qualifications: 

Qualifications of the Ideal Candidate

While no one candidate will embody all the qualifications enumerated below, the ideal candidate will possess many of the following professional and personal abilities, attributes, and experiences:


  • Fully dedicated to youth development as a primary focus of interest and experience; ability to articulate a sincere care for youth and families
  • A Bachelor’s degree is required, Master’s or additional education and certifications are preferred. As affirmed by our mission, Camp Fire Alaska is a learning organization and supports an environment of growth and discovery
  • At least seven years of leadership experience is required; five years of nonprofit leadership experience working in partnership with a Board and leading a large staff is preferred
  • Experience in formal childcare or youth development
  • Demonstrated ability to clearly communicate organizational vision and strategic direction and respond calmly and creatively to unexpected challenges and opportunities
  • Strong financial acumen, including experience diversifying and expanding revenue streams and managing a similar sized budget
  • Experience actively leading an organization through significant change, growth, or expansion
  • Demonstrated history of building and maintaining strong working relationships with staff, board, and external stakeholders fostering an environment of trust and transparency
  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically, confidently make decisions under pressure, and skillfully engage staff to inform decision-making when appropriate
  • Demonstrated experience coaching, managing, and developing diverse and high-performing teams
  • Ability to effectively navigate high stress situations with grace; experience with de-escalation and mediation
  • Experience serving as a spokesperson and representative for an organization
  • Experience and/or connection to Alaska is preferred
  • Experience in rural and remote communities is preferred

Personal Attributes

  • Values-driven individual committed to the Camp Fire Alaska mission of supporting youth to achieve their full potential, with a desire to be a voice for the needs of all Alaska’s children and families
  • Strong belief in the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, with a leadership style that values all voices and backgrounds and fosters a welcoming workplace environment
  • An approachable leader with high emotional intelligence; possesses a spirit of humility and patience; fosters a culture of learning, gratitude, and collaboration
  • An active listener with an empowering, flexible, and engaged leadership style
  • Passionate and inspirational leader with a growth mindset, a belief in every team member’s potential, and an ability to empower staff to become the best versions of themselves
  • Flexible and adaptable with a bias toward action and innovation

How to Apply

Application Contact: 
Ryan Smith, recruiter
Application Deadline: 
Resume review begins immediately, position closes October 16, 2022
Application Instructions: 
Learn more about the position, employee benefits, and how to apply at