Community Outreach Manager

Hiring Organization Information

Organization Name: 
Committee for Children

Position Information

Employment Type: 
Full time
Experience Level: 
Job Category: 
Communications | Marketing
Organizational Overview: 

Formed in 1979, Committee for Children is on a mission to ensure that children everywhere can thrive. We are trailblazers, best known for our innovative social-emotional learning programs that help 15 million children each year learn the skills they need to flourish in school and in society. By lifting up children today, we’re helping them create a safe and positive society for the future.

We have excellent employee tenure because we take great care of our most valued assets—our clients and employees. This role will offer some amazing opportunities to add value, contribute, and make a difference while enjoying new challenges, a collaborative and diverse team, professional development opportunities, and work/life balance.

Committee for Children is an equal opportunity employer.

Role Responsibilities: 

Committee for Children is growing, and we’re looking for an experienced community outreach manager to join our team! This is an opportunity to be on the ground floor of an innovative solution for supporting new moms, with an organization that has the passion, reputation, and resources to bring it to scale.

Committee for Children is the nonprofit organization behind Second Step, a research-based social-emotional learning curriculum that reaches 15 million kids each year. In the last 40 years, we’ve helped educators around the world tap into the power of social-emotional learning. Now, we want to bring the power of social-emotional learning to families, starting with new moms.

This year, Committee for Children will partner with NurturePA, a community nonprofit that combines technology with volunteer mentors to give new moms information and parenting support. Committee for Children will replicate this program in Seattle as we develop a plan to scale it to every community in the country.

As the community outreach manager, you’ll help develop the engine of this innovative program: the mentor mom community.

Primary Responsibilities Include

Building the mentor mom community here in Seattle

  • Lead the campaign that gets Seattle moms excited about joining the mentor mom community.
  • Help every mom in Seattle learn about the mentor mom community. Reach moms both directly (in parent groups, corporations, faith-based organizations, PTOs, etc.) and online (through earned and paid advertising and through social media).
  • Ensure that every mentor mom is a good fit for our program, by interviewing applicants, contacting references, setting up mentor software accounts, and monitoring applicants’ progress through the mentor mom training program.

Supporting mentor moms so they can support new moms

  • Make sure every mentor mom completes the mentor mom training ready to meet the high standards of our program.
  • Expand the library of fun online training materials for mentor moms by creating videos, podcasts, assessment tools, and other components.
  • Be the first point of contact for mentor moms who have questions or concerns.

Giving mentor moms a wonderful experience they’ll be proud of for the rest of their lives

  • Create online and in-person opportunities for mentor moms to meet up and learn with and from each other.
  • Create materials (such as blog posts, articles, email campaigns, memes, and tweets) that keep mentor moms updated on new developments in the mentor mom community.
  • Figure out ways for mentor moms to feel appreciated and recognized for their contributions to the community.

Connecting new moms with mentor moms

  • Walk the halls of maternity wards greeting new families and enrolling new moms into this wonderful, free, research-based program.
  • Pair new moms with mentor moms using our online system.
  • Be the first point of contact for new moms who have questions or concerns about the program.
Candidate Qualifications: 
  • You are a superstar community organizer with 5+ years of experience. (Bonus points if this includes volunteer recruitment and management. Extra bonus points if your experience is in Seattle.)
  • You are fluent in “mom”: you understand the joys and challenges of being a parent to young children, either because you are a parent or because you’ve worked with many parents.
  • You write and speak like you believe it. Your style is clear, conversational, and persuasive. Jargon annoys you.
  • You have experience developing online training materials for adults.
  • The idea of being on the ground floor of the next big thing excites you.
  • Bachelor’s degree in education, early childhood education, parent education, or a related field is preferred.

How to Apply