Corporate Philanthropy

Philanthropy Northwest helps corporate foundations and giving programs achieve their community impact objectives. We offer a variety of learning opportunities from quarterly conversations with peers to customized consulting engagements centered on integrating your philanthropic goals into your core business strategy.

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Corporate Giving Trends

Trends in Northwest Giving 2019

Results from our biennial dive into corporate giving data across our six-state region. Major national funders with local ties strengthen corporate support in the Northwest. Corporate philanthropy, including direct corporate giving and company-sponsored foundations, accounted for 8% of giving to our region, totaling $240 million in 2016. Consistent with previous Trends in Northwest Giving, the largest contributions to our region came from Boeing and Microsoft, both Fortune 100 companies employing more than 120,000 people in Washington alone. See page 10 of the most recent report for the list of the top 10 corporate funders in our region.


Trends in Northwest Giving 2017

Results from our biennial dive into corporate giving data across our six-state region. Corporate support to the Northwest benefits from major national funders with strong local ties.


Giving in Numbers - 2013 Edition

An in-depth analysis of 2012 corporate giving data from 240 leading companies, from the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy in association with the Conference Board. September 2013.


Key Facts on Corporate Foundations

An executive summary of corporate foundation giving patterns from the Foundation Center, August 2012.

Business Value Creation

Creating Shared Value
Provocative article by Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer about the risk of outdated approaches to corporate social responsibility and the opportunities to link social and business impact more closely together to solve society’s most vexing social problems while driving corporate returns. January 2011.


Measuring the Value of Corporate Philanthropy
Comprehensive report by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy on strategies for valuing the social impact, business benefits and investor returns of corporate philanthropy. 2010.


Business at its Best: Driving Sustainable Value Creation
June 2011 report from Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy and Accenture offers practical guidance on how to implement a Sustainable Value Creation strategy.


Increasing Impact, Enhancing Value
A Practitioner's Guide to Leading Corporate Philanthropy. Original field research and a new platform for corporate philanthropy with clear and practical paths for the future of the field and the role of corporate foundations. Developed by the Council on Foundations. 2012.

Governance, Strategy and Stewardship

Profile of the Practice 2013
Signature research project of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship that explores how the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) dimensions of business—corporate citizenship—are managed today, and how these practices have evolved since the last report in 2010.


Building the Appropriate Giving Structure for Your Corporation 
A PowerPoint presentation compares and contrasts the structures and strategies for corporate giving, including Corporate Foundations, Corporate Giving Programs, and Community Foundations.


Corporate Governance Structures
A survey of corporate giving governance structures and board member job descriptions by the North Carolina Network of Grantmakers. 2012.


Do's and Don'ts of Corporate Foundation Practice 
Memorandum on the Do's and Don'ts of Corporate Foundation Practice prepared by Clark Hill PLC for the Council of Michigan Foundations.


Stewardship Principles for Corporate Grantmakers
Principles and practice options to strengthen performance developed by the Council on Foundations describe how corporate grantmakers can reflect these fundamental values in their governance, management and grantmaking.