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What Can Philanthropy Possibly Do About Spiraling Housing Costs?


by David Wertheimer and David Landers. Acknowledging that funding for affordable housing results from the complex interplay of large economic trends, regional economic and real estate markets, and government policies and policies at the federal, state and local levels, it’s sometimes hard to identify the roles the philanthropic sector can play in this arena. With per-unit development costs for new units now running as high as $250,000-$300,000, there are few if any foundations that have the resources to “build our way” out of this crisis. Yet at our member briefing, we all agreed it’s critical for Philanthropy Northwest members to consider what we can offer to help address this important issue. more »

Imagine this fall in Seattle!


The Independent Sector conference brings together the entire charitable sector with its vibrancy and diversity funders and nonprofits, big and small, rural and urban. As the first Independent Sector national conference held in the Pacific Northwest since 1996, the convening is an opportunity for funders and nonprofits in our region to showcase our strategies, innovations, and ideas to our colleagues from across the country and globe. more »