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Nine Predictions for Philanthropy in 2016


Jeff Clarke, CEO | Welcome to 2016! Philanthropy’s core DNA is love for humanity and community. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we celebrate a unique philanthropic culture marked by optimism, generosity, civic engagement and stewardship. It rests upon our nation’s unique commitment to philanthropic freedom and donor intent. But above all, our big, diverse place defines us, from Alaska’s North Slope to southern Oregon, and the Pacific coast to eastern Montana and Wyoming. In other words, as American farmer and writer Wendell Berry observed, “If you don’t know where you are, you don’t know who you are.” Looking ahead to what is sure to be a dynamic year, philanthropy, with its ability to gather people around the public good, is more important than ever. more »

Five Minutes for Philanthropy: Take Action on Charitable Tax Extenders


Ann Saxton, Vice President | The year-end federal tax bill currently under negotiation is expected to be completed by December 15. In addition to the reauthorizing the currently expired tax extenders which include three important philanthropic provisions — the IRA charitable rollover, enhanced deduction for contributions of food inventory, and enhanced deduction for contributions of conservation easements – the sector is working to include two additional provisions aimed at promoting charitable giving: more »