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Monthly Reflection: The Blooms of Spring


Kiran Ahuja | With spring in the air, the sun is more out and about—and so are we! We’ve been working tirelessly to create change that matches the welcome change of the seasons. From advancing our commitment to equity to expanding philanthropy’s role in policy and advocacy, we have fully embraced our expanded role as an organization and as a member network. more »

Reflections on Dr. Ibram X. Kendi: A Call to Antiracist Action


Erin Kahn, Executive Director, Raikes Foundation | The Raikes Foundation was proud to sponsor Philanthropy Northwest’s recent community conversation with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi. As a member of Philanthropy Northwest's board of directors, I’m excited by the role the organization is increasingly playing as a convener and resource to its membership on conversations about equity, particularly racial equity. Here are my reflections on Dr. Kendi's inspiring talk.  more »

Five Reasons to Attend our Annual Conference—in Boise!


Elyse Gordon | Each year, Philanthropy Northwest's Annual Conference helps unite our different regional experiences of philanthropy, community and social impact. It offers a rare chance for funders across our region to come together and share approaches and best practices for adapting to the latest social issues and exploring collaboration. Here are my top five reasons to attend this year's conference (#AC18) in Boise!   more »

Equity Speaker Series: Dr. Ibram X. Kendi on Antiracism


More than 400 people gathered in Seattle University’s Pigott Auditorium to attend our inaugural Equity Speaker Series featuring Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, National Book Award winning author of Stamped From the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America. In his remarks, Dr. Kendi urged a new vision and role for philanthropy—one that challenges discriminatory policies and actively works to dismantle racial inequities. more »

Women: We're Stronger Together


Kathi Littmann, President & CEO, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation | I taught middle school, pursued architecture, was an executive in construction management, and then followed my dedication to education and community into the philanthropy sector. Each of those transitions was driven by my passion, but each success depended on mentors and peers who supported me and pushed me out of my comfort zone to go further. more »

Recognizing and Maximizing Black Leadership


Mozart Guerrier, executive director of 21 Progress | 21 Progress in Seattle is committed to antiracist and equity practices as we work to encourage emerging young leaders to build a more just society. For this Black History month, I would like to bear witness to the black leadership in our region. I want to share about three leaders who are working to end inequality and increase justice. more »

The Promise and Challenge of Community Democracy


Garland Yates and Peter Pennekamp | Philanthropy and other potential change-making institutions have grappled with implementing place-based initiatives and funding community-transformative systems. In our new report, The Promise and Challenge of Community Democracy, we detail how successes share one key attribute: they are led by, and realized in collaboration with, the people directly involved and affected. more »

Deeper than Partnership: A Story for Social Impact Investors


Anjana Pandey and Tim Crosby | From cultural giving traditions to tech boom wealth creation, Pacific Northwest philanthropy has forged a reputation for blending collaboration and innovation. A new case study on the Cascadia Foodshed Financing Project (CFFP) identifies the regional food economy as an untapped area for co-investment in Oregon and Washington, then outlines a combination of grantmaking and investment strategies for transformational impact. more »

Monthly Reflection: Hibernating or Gearing Up?


Kiran Ahuja | February is often a time for hibernation and counting down the days to spring—unless you are an avid skier! Having grown up in Savannah, Georgia, I have limited experience with the snow and ice, let alone sports involving them. So, despite lots of inspiration from the Winter Olympics, from the huge gold-medal wins by U.S. Women’s Hockey and Cross-Country (skate sprint) to Jamaica’s first women’s bobsled team, the month of February was a time for our team at Philanthropy Northwest to plan, convene and reflect. Our efforts have yielded results, too! more »