Boeing Company, Family Give $30M for STEM Education, Flight Museum Programs

July 27, 2015

The Boeing Company has announced a $15 million grant, personally matched by the family of its founder, to create the Boeing Academy for STEM (science, technology, engineering and match) Learning at the Museum of Flight.

The company's gift aims to double the number of students currently served by the museum's programs, particularly from under-represented communities, and connect them to STEM careers, according to the press release:

Washington state leads in creating STEM jobs, but by 2017 an estimated 45,000 STEM jobs in Washington will go unfulfilled due to lack of qualified candidates, according to Washington STEM, a non-profit organization advocating for increased investment in STEM education.

Commercial Airplanes CEO Ray Conner announced Boeing's investment by explaining it is "an opportunity to invest in our children and our region's future economic health." Marian Lockhart photo

The Boeing Academy for STEM Learning at the Museum of Flight will significantly expand STEM opportunities for Washington's youth. It is expected to double by 2017 – and double again by 2019 - the number of students served by the museum's educational program.

Additionally, at least half of those students will be young women, students of color or economically disadvantaged, which makes it possible for young people across the spectrum of our community to develop their talents and share in the promise of a better future.

The family's donation will be used for long-term preservation and exhibition of the museum's artifacts, and to support its broader operations, The Seattle Times reports.