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Getting to Community Democracy


Sindhu Knotz, The Giving Practice | Last week, Community Democracy Workshop partnered with The Ford Family Foundation to host a peer learning exchange among funders and practitioners of place-based community change efforts from several cities across the U.S, including Denver, Buffalo, San Diego, Boston, Little Rock and New Orleans. Here's what we learned. more »

Designing a Civic Infrastructure for the 21st Century


Jill Blair and Malka Kopell, The Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions | Much of our 20th century civic infrastructure emerged as a product of philanthropic investment: organizations and programs intended to advance equity, education and economic opportunity. We call upon philanthropy now, large and small, personal and institutional, to lead the rebuilding effort — to construct a 21st century civic infrastructure that leverages the resources we now have to solve the problems we still face. more »

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Brownies and Lemonade in Hillman City


by Lyn Hunter, senior program manager | If you were a stranger to my little neighborhood in Hillman City, you would probably not be able to match up the individuals who made up a household. We are a beautiful block of “mixed up everything” as one of my neighbors put it. It’s one of the many things that I love about it. And on Tuesday night, we got together for the official annual Night Out celebration - but in our neck of the woods we just called it a good old fashioned neighborhood potluck. Our sixth, we think. more »