Meyer Memorial Trust Awards $6.1M in Oregon, Washington

September 22, 2015

At its September program meeting, Meyer Memorial Trust awarded 40 grants and one program-related investment (PRI), totaling just over $6.1 million for organizations working across Oregon and southwest Washington.

These grants bring the total awarded since Meyer began operating in 1982 to 8,926 awards totaling just shy of $690 million.

From the announcement:

  • Eight grants, totaling $1.46 million, and representing 24 percent of all Meyer funding awarded in this month, fall under the category of human services: Those include a grant of $250,000 to support the Rose Avenue Project, helping relocate two vital community nonprofits in Vernonia above the floodplain, and a grant of $200,000 to help build a new home for a relief nursery program serving Malheur County, Oregon's highest poverty county.
  • Eleven awards, amounting to nearly $667,000, focus on conservation and the environment: Those include grants totaling of $20,000 for community screenings of the Willamette River documentary film, UPRIVER, in Benton, Marion and Multnomah counties, plus $200,000 to support Model Watershed Programs along the Willamette River.
  • Two grants, totaling $450,000, are health-related. One of them, a $250,000 grant, helps create a training facility in Beaverton to provide expanded services to thousands of new low-income patients each year. The other, a $200,000 grant, will help a Portland-area treatment center upgrade its electronic health records and technology systems.
  • Eight education grants total $1.78 million. One of those grants, for $400,000, helps construct a new Head Start facility in Douglas County. Another $85,000 grant supports an organization dedicated to providing civic education to students and teachers across the state.
  • Three arts and culture grants, equal to seven percent of the September awards, total $450,000. One of the grants, for $200,000, is aimed at restoring an historic venue in rural Umatilla County. A $100,000 grant helps support operations at a seven-year-old theatre in Northeast Portland's King neighborhood that focuses on producing quality performances for diverse audiences.
  • And eight grants and a program related investment, totaling nearly $1.4 million, for 22 percent of this award batch, focus on social benefit, including a grant of $150,000 that supports efforts to bring the new daily, year-round, indoor-outdoor James Beard Public Market to an area near Portland's Morrison Bridge, and a $500,000 loan to help support the vision of "The Redd on Salmon Street," a 75,000+ square foot space dedicated to Oregon's regional food system.

How the grants and loan break down by county and focus area.