Most Popular Posts of 2014

Most Popular Posts of 2014


We shared a lot of blog posts with you in 2014 (at least 90 all told!) -- but here are the ones that you read and shared the most. If you missed them the first time around, it's great time to catch up!

1) How Does Philanthropy Northwest Grow and Promote Effective Philanthropy? 

Jeff Clarke's explication of our evolving organizational structure and business model.

2) Community Democracy, Rural Philanthropy and Collaboration: An Interview with Anne Kubisch

Jeff Clarke interviews Anne Kubisch, CEO of The Ford Family Foundation

3) What Can Philanthropy Possibly Do About Spiraling Housing Costs?

David Wertheimer of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and our own David Landers reflect on the role of phlianthropy in supporting affordable housing.

4) The Power of the Premortem

Audrey Haberman, managing director of The Giving Practice, Philanthropy Northwest's consulting team, shares her surprising experience the first time she tried kicking off a project by looking at how it could fail.

5) Relearning the Two-Step of Conversation and Meeting

Ted Lord boldly asserts that "Philanthropy is so hidebound, risk-averse and endless meeting-oriented because it has largely forgotten the step of conversation that is essential to the dance of informed forward motion," and shows us how we can relearn the lost art of conversation.

6) Embracing Our Values and Engaging in the Public Policy Conversation

Jeff Clarke reflects on how philanthropy can more powerfully engage in the public policy process, and why it's an imperative that we do so.

7) Vision and Voice: Our New Report on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In April, we released "Vision and Voice: The Role of Leadership and Dialogue in Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion," a major report about how Northwest philanthropic leaders are addressing issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in their organizations.

8) Everything I Know About Collaboration I Learned in a Punk Band

Allison Eltrich, Philanthropy Northwest staffer by day, punk rock star by night, shares the her insights about the surprising connections between her two worlds.

9) Revealing the Fundamental Resilience of People and Place

Jeff Clarke interviews Richard Woo, CEO of The Russell Family Foundation

10) Introducing "Philanthropy and the Renewal of Democracy"

Daniel Kemmis introduces a major monograph tackling fundamental questions about the role of philanthropy in supporting our democratic institutions.