National Center on Family Philanthropy Relaunches Website and Knowledge Center

National Center on Family Philanthropy Relaunches Website and Knowledge Center


by Leslie Silverman, Philanthropy Northwest and The Giving Practice

The National Center on Family Philanthropy (NCFP) is a valuable resource for families who give and those working with family foundations (essentially 26% of our membership). NCFP is our partner in research and trends in family philanthropy. With the launch of NCFP's new website last month, Philanthropy Northwest's family foundation members get access to the Family Philanthropy Knowledge Center, their awarding-winning knowledge portal.

The Knowledge Center is a virtual library with over 2,000 articles, reports, case studies, sample policies and more than 100 webinar transcripts and audio recordings. These resources cover a wide variety of topics including succession planning, place-based philanthropy, successful partnerships with community foundations and next generation philanthropy. When you find materials you want to refer to later or share with others, you can create a personal library for easy reference. Why re-create the wheel or stare at the whiteboard when you may be a click away from tested ideas to get you started or answers to help you move on? NCFP also has a Speakers Bureau if you need suggestions for presentations or speakers.

Accessing the Family Philanthropy Knowledge Center

NCFP sent a welcome email to the primary contact of each Philanthropy Northwest family foundation member with login information. You can search your email with "NCFP" as keyword to find the welcome message. To access the Center, please follow the directions in that email to set up your login. If you have not received an email but would like access or you wish to request additional login for trustees or staff, please send name(s), title (if applicable) and email address to Leslie Silverman at Philanthropy Northwest. Also, if you would like a virtual tour in 30 minutes or less, let us know and we'd be glad to assist.

We are fortunate to have a close and productive relationship with the National Center for Family Philanthropy and are happy to provide our family foundation members access to this newly redesigned resource as a benefit of membership. A wealth of information is at your fingertips when you visit the NCFP website and we invite you to explore it.