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Practices That Matter – Project Streamline Takes Stock of Streamlining


Five years ago, Project Streamline – a field-wide effort led by the Grants Managers Network – published “Drowning in Paperwork, Distracted From Purpose,” a study of the burdens of application and reporting. In a new report, Practices That Matter, Project Streamline documents how, even as many foundations are increasingly aware of and committed to streamlining, the average nonprofit organization still experiences a burdensome process. more »

Everyone in the Room


The Russell Family Foundation's Richard Woo on moving towards "...a sustainable and peaceful world for people, places and communities." Their work on the Puyallup Watershed Initiative embodies the three principles they follow: taking a place-based approach, embracing differences, and being a learning organization. more »

Oil Boom Pushes Montana Communities to Their Limits, Philanthropic Response Needed


For many of the cities and towns in eastern Montana, a recent oil boom has brought welcome relief to struggling economies. But the massive influx of new residents is leading to difficult-to-control growth and a strain on the infrastructure of municipalities. The explosive growth has also brought on an increased demand for social services, and yet-to-be-known environmental implications. more »