Philanthropy Northwest Programs



by David Landers, Philanthropy Northwest | On August 29th, I will close my office door, take the elevator from the sixth floor and walk onto a busy Fourth Avenue for the last time as a Philanthropy Northwest staffer. The 16 years between being hired as the office manager for Pacific Northwest Grantmakers Forum and departing now as deputy director has been a remarkable professional and personal experience. Here are a few learnings I am grateful to take with me thanks to Philanthropy Northwest. more »

A Treasure and Two Ecosystems


by Jeff Clarke, CEO, Philanthropy Northwest | Reflections on David Landers: A Philanthropy Northwest Treasure, and on the evolving relationship between philanthropy and nonprofits - across the country we can see significant momentum to build closer (and long overdue!) relationships between philanthropic networks and state nonprofit associations. more »

Philanthropy’s Role in Renewing Democracy


by Daniel Kemmis, Philanthropy Northwest board member and Kettering Foundation fellow. Almost all philanthropists are contributing to democracy almost all the time, even though most of them don’t think of their daily work in those terms. This unintentional philanthropic contribution to democracy is truly immeasurable. How does this abundance of philanthropic contributions to democracy counterbalance the weakness in so many of our governing institutions? We had a lively session on this topic in May at the joint Philanthropy Northwest – GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington conference in Oregon. The conversation was just getting fully engaged when the bell rang for the next session, so we’ve invited session participants with more to say to weigh in here. more »

What the Data Tells Us: Investing in Tribal-Specific Opportunities for Native Children


Sam Whiting, President and CEO of Thrive by Five Washington, summarizes the Strategies for Reducing Inequalities in Education session at the recent River Gathering conference. The session's attendees examined educational outcomes for tribal kids and signals how important our partnerships with tribes in Washington are and will continue to be. more »