Canopy: Committed to Investing in Our Region

Publication date: 
February, 2016

Canopy, a Pacific Northwest impact investing collaborative formed in 2015, released a white paper on its vision of investing in our region. The 16-page report, with a foreword by Philanthropy Northwest CEO Jeff Clarke, outlines the elements of place-based investing, philanthropy as catalytic capital, cross-sector collaboration, communities as unique investment ecosystems and bridging the gap between capital markets and communities.

Canopy's members include Meyer Memorial Trust, The Russell Family Foundation and Seattle Foundation. The white paper lists its seven core investment beliefs:

  1. Communities are their own unique investment ecosystems.
  2. Regions must leverage all types of capital to generate place-based investment solutions.
  3. Investor silos are one of the primary roadblocks to regional investing.
  4. Local leaders need a voice in developing investment solutions.
  5. A thriving regional investing ecosystem will require new systems, tools and intermediaries to meet the unique nature of place-based investing.
  6. Management for regional outcomes must be included in the design of investment solutions.
  7. Now is the right time to test these ideas together and move towards a stronger regional economy.

Canopy Research

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