Grantmakers in the Arts Racial Equity Statement

Publication date: 
March, 2017

Grantmakers in the Arts recognizes that our society is challenged to overcome a complex web of inequities – racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and ableism among them. All of these forms of discrimination are powerful drivers of unequal individual and group outcomes. However, it is our belief that ALAANA individuals whose identities intersect with those of other “minority” social statuses often experience compounded mistreatment that is amplified by the interaction of race.

We support the work being undertaken to dismantle the array of social and economic injustices; however, GIA has determined that we must focus our efforts to heighten our effectiveness. We move forward from our assessment that racism is the one of the most pressing issues of our time, and that meaningful progress on advancing racial equity will have significant positive impact on challenging other discrimination-based injustices. Therefore, our current priority is working against racism by working toward racial equity in arts philanthropy.

Statement of Purpose

Grantmakers in the Arts' board of directors developed a statement of purpose for their work in racial equity in arts philanthropy with a goal to increase arts funding for ALAANA (African, Latino/a, Asian, Arab, and Native American) artists, arts organizations, children, and adults. Originally published in 2015, this statement continues to be updated as GIA builds its knowledge of practical applications to assist institutional funders in achieving this goal.

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