KIDS COUNT Data Book and Data Center

KIDS COUNT Data Book and Data Center

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June, 2016
Annie E. Casey Foundation

Annie E. Casey Foundation's "KIDS COUNT Data Book" is an annual publication that assesses child well-being nationally and across the 50 states, as well as in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Using an index of 16 indicators, the report ranks states on overall child well-being and in economic well-being, education, health and family/community.

The related KIDS COUNT Data Center makes this information interactive, with the option of searching by state and data topic, comparing indicators and viewing them as maps and charts.

The 2016 KIDS COUNT Data Book finds today's youth — Generation Z — are healthier and completing high school on time despite mounting economic inequality and increasingly unaffordable college tuition. Aided by smart policies and investments in prevention, a record number of teens are making positive choices. This year, the annual report focuses on key trends in child well-being in the post-recession years and offers recommendations for how policymakers can ensure all children are prepared for the future, based on the country’s shared values of opportunity, responsibility and security.

Here's how Northwest states ranked for overall child well-being in the 2016 report, based on 2014 data:

  • Alaska: 33rd, down from 27th in the 2015 report
  • Idaho: 22nd, no change from the 2015 report
  • Montana: 24th, up from 30th in the 2015 report
  • Oregon: 32nd, down from 29th in the 2015 report
  • Washington: 15th, up from 19th in the 2015 report
  • Wyoming: 12th, up from 16th in the 2015 report
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