King County Equity and Social Justice Strategic Plan

Publication date: 
March, 2017

Equity and Social Justice Strategic Plan

King County Equity and Social Justice Strategic Plan, 2016-2022

We have produced our first Strategic Plan for Equity and Social Justice (ESJ), co-created with employees and community partners. The Plan is a blueprint for action and change that will guide our pro-equity policy direction, our decision-making, planning, operations and services, and our workplace practices in order to advance equity and social justice within County government and in partnership with communities.

The six-year Equity and Social Justice Strategic Plan represents a critical opportunity for King County to do ground-breaking work:

  • Applying a theory of change that fundamentally shifts the County away from policies and practices that react to problems and crises toward investments that address the root causes of inequities, ultimately leading to better quality of life and greater prosperity in all of our communities.
  • Balancing a bold vision with actionable and measurable objectives.
  • Allowing for innovation and adaptability across King County government to help us be dynamic and culturally responsive, moving us towards the goal of being racially justice internally and in the community.

Our Equity and Social Justice strategies as One King County are to invest upstream and where needs are greatest, in employees and in community partnerships. And we will do this with accountable and transparent leadership.

King County invests  upstream where needs are greatest, in community partnerships, and in employees, with transparent and accountable leadership.

Our Pro-equity Policy Agenda: We are launching a Pro-Equity Policy Agenda aimed at expanding access to opportunity (determinants of equity) in eight areas, including child and youth development, economic development and jobs, environment and climate, health and human services, housing, information and technology, the justice system, and transportation and mobility.

Our Goal Areas: We are advancing pro-equity policies, systems and practices in six areas of governance: leadership, operations and services; plans, policies and budgets; workforce and workplace; community partnerships; communication and education; and facility and system improvements.

Region Equity Collaborative: Given the need for increased coordination and cross-sector solutions that match the scale of inequities we face, King County government is committed to advancing a regional collaboration on equity with partners for greater and more sustained change.

For more information and to read their plan, visit their website.