Re-Constructing Philanthropy From the Outside-In

Publication date: 
February, 2015

In Re-Constructing Philanthropy From the Outside-In, Social Venture Partners founder Paul Shoemaker argues that funders need to fundamentally change the way they have traditionally worked with nonprofits, communities and each other in order to have a greater impact on the world. This 19-page report makes five recommendations and concludes with what a stronger, more effective philanthropic system would look like with these updated practices:

  1. Give Unrestricted Grants. Restricted funding is a relic of othe past and nonprofits become much stronger, higher impact organization. New funders are curious what those now-extinct QDD's were ever about.
  2. Fund Long-Term. Much more funding is much longer-term, and scaling effective solutions and more sustainable organizations gets easier.
  3. Connect with Peers. Connectdness to peers becomes increasingly common, day-to-day practice and leads tomore solutiosn being sustained (and fewer funder mergers).
  4. Build Great Boards. The practice of governance is transformed in ways never thought possible. Good, strong boards are the rule, not the exception, and it's increasingly easy to find and develop great board members.
  5. Listen to Beneficiaries. Funders are much closer (sometimes interacting with) and truly listening to the customer, so our funding and programs are much better informed and mutually owned.


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