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Audrey Haberman

Managing Director, The Giving Practice

Audrey has been the managing director of The Giving Practice team since 2011. She has worked with dozens of foundations, helping them develop strategies, improve their governance and lead productive collaborations. She is passionate about people, places and communities. Some of Audrey’s recent or current clients are the Yakima Valley Community Foundation, Southern California Grantmakers, The Norman Raab Family Foundation and the newly launched Group Health Community Foundation. She also designs and supports learning cohorts in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Audrey began her career in the field of sexual assault prevention before joining the staff of the Women’s Funding Alliance in 1995, then Pride Foundation in 1998. As a former foundation executive, Audrey considers the six years she served on Philanthropy Northwest’s board invaluable. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan, loves to hike, ski and sing loudly while alone in the car.

Audrey Haberman's blog posts

April 11, 2017

Since 2006, Philanthropy Northwest has published biennial reports on grantmaking trends for our region — Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming — based on the most recent data available from a combination of our membership network, Form 990s and intermediaries. These reports aim to reflect our collective giving, encourage more conversations and help inform your strategies. For this sixth edition of Trends in Northwest Giving, we are presenting this report in collaboration with Foundation Center, which collects grants data directly from organizations across the Northwest and nationwide. This partnership enables us to tell a story based on a larger pool of funders, in three parts: key findings, based on a snapshot of $1.8 billion granted to our region by more than 4,000 funders in 2014; trends over time, based on a subset of 1,387 funders that reported data for both 2012 and 2014; and state-by-state variations. Highlights include... more »

April 3, 2017

Nonpartisanship is a cornerstone principle that has strengthened the public’s trust of the charitable and philanthropic community. At its March 2017 meeting, Philanthropy Northwest's board signed onto a statement urging national policymakers to protect the Johnson Amendment, the law prohibiting 501(c)(3) charitable organizations from endorsing, opposing or contributing to political candidates and engaging in partisan campaign activities. During our Foundations on the Hill meetings in Washington, D.C. last week, our delegation and other philanthropy networks from across the country urged our U.S. senators and representatives to maintain this important legal protection. Please consider adding your organization’s name to the growing list of more than 2,300 foundations and nonprofits that have signed a Community Letter in Support of Nonpartisanship. Philanthropy Northwest members that have already signed on include 501 Commons, Bullitt Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation, Cedarmere Foundation, The Foraker Group, Ford Foundation, Forest and Sequoia Foundatinos, Foundation for Healthy Generations, Idaho Nonprofit Center, Montana Community Foundation, Montana Nonprofit Association, Nonprofit Association of Oregon, Northwest Area Foundation, NW Children’s Fund, Orcas Island Community Foundation, Pride Foundation, Red Lodge Area Community Foundation, Satterberg Foundation, Seattle Foundation, Sherwood Trust, Skagit Community Foundation, Washington Nonprofits, Whatcom Community Foundation, Wyoming Nonprofit Network and Peg and Rick Young Foundation. more »

February 3, 2017

When Philanthropy Northwest began exploring the relationship of philanthropy to democracy in 2014, Daniel Kemmis wrote, "We find ourselves in the midst of an extended period of fairly acute and widespread uneasiness about the health of our democracy." Those words seem to ring even more true today. In the last two weeks, we have heard statements and seen actions challenging our democracy on a whole new level: a ban on vetted refugees and travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries; the disappearance of any mention of LGBTQ people on the White House website; proposed restrictions on women’s reproductive health and rights; reduced access to affordable healthcare; and new threats to our Native and public lands, to name just a few issues at the core of our network's values. Yet it is also heartening to see hundreds of thousands of people around the country exercise their rights to assemble, to protest and to express their opinions. This is what democracy looks like. more »

December 5, 2016

As an organization that champions the values of inclusion, community, authentic relationships and transparency — and has stated that effective philanthropy reflects these qualities — we have our work cut out for us. Our staff and board remain committed to our values of equity and inclusion for all people and places in the Northwest, and reject prejudice and violence against those in our communities who have been harmed or made to feel unsafe. You will continue to hear from us in the weeks and months ahead as we share your ideas with other members, provide relevant programs and encourage more cross–sector collaboration and dialogue. more »

November 3, 2016

I was a little shocked when I walked into a Lowe’s Home Improvement store in mid-October and saw the Christmas display. I had several reactions, including a sense of panic about where the year had gone. Did I enjoy summer? Do I need to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions? Where are the paintbrushes?! I was reminded of that all-too-familiar feeling of too many tasks to accomplish while balancing the need to focus thoughtfully and strategically on one thing at a time. After 20 years in the nonprofit and philanthropy sector, I know that the pace and fullness of how we work can be detrimental — sometimes to our relationships, sometimes to ourselves and often to our desired outcomes. My current reflective practice is to set aside 10 minutes every week to review meetings and interactions, not just to make my next to-do list, but to highlight what I’ve learned and which people I need to circle back around with to close out a conversation where an idea is lingering or an interaction felt uncomfortable. more »

October 6, 2016

From the moment I attended my first Philanthropy Northwest program as a Women’s Funding Alliance staff member in 1997, I have always been personally inspired and professionally improved as a result of time spent connecting and learning with our network. It's so easy, yet also dangerous, to believe our best work is done by working hard and in isolation. We are at our best, as a field and individually, when we take the time to sit with others, learn together, reflect and share with colleagues, mentors and community partners. It may be during a conference plenary or a session when someone else’s story sheds light on one of my own relevant challenges. It may be from side conversation, with someone I’ve known for years or someone I just met, where we trade advice and opinions. Or it may be in stepping back and using reflective practices to unveil what we need to see or know by looking at it “from the balcony.” more »

September 7, 2016

The Giving Practice is thrilled to share our first batch of Pretty Good Tools — an ongoing series of checklists, worksheets and other exercises based on our work with clients. more »

July 13, 2016

Nationally and regionally, our communities are dealing with the grief, frustration and anger that results from the persistence of fear, injustice and inequity. We know these issues are complicated. We also know philanthropy has an important role to play in the creation of policies and solutions to address these challenges. Many of us have been having conversations with family, friends and colleagues about the community crises we face, but we are also hearing a strong desire from you for a place to talk more formally with others in our field. While the concepts of democracy and equity have always been part of our annual conference planning, we are now focused on creating and holding space for us to step forward together through those lenses, Under One Sky in Missoula, Montana this fall. As your learning network, we are more committed than ever to addressing the real experiences of people in our communities. We hope you will join us on this journey as we continue to create opportunities to think collectively about supporting and investing in strategies to achieve our shared vision: Northwest communities have vibrant, healthy futures the honor our past, our people and our cultures.   more »

July 7, 2016

Who knew that a brief discussion about a "refresh" more than a year ago would result in a creative and engaging process culminating in a new strategy? As a staff member who participated in this effort alongside our board, I have been impressed with the thoughtful and honest discussions for crafting a narrative that not only caught up to where we are today, but envisions a future that continues to position us as relevant and responsive. We asked ourselves: Which qualities make philanthropy most effective, at its best? Across our diverse six-state network of nearly 200 philanthropic entities, which key values are shared? How can we deliver value to the sector and what kind of organization do we want to be? Our resulting framework represents an ongoing journey, envisioning Northwest communities with vibrant, healthy futures that honor our past, our people and our cultures. more »

June 16, 2016

Our hearts are filled with sorrow as we grieve with the victims, survivors and families in Orlando, nearly all LGBTQ, Latino/a and young people. We are touched by the calls we've received from members and partners wanting to know how to help. We honor the many advocates, nonprofits and leaders who we know will help the families, and all of us, heal in the aftermath of such violence. Our colleagues at Florida Philanthropic Network have shared their recommendations for supporting victims, survivors and their families. In our own region, we are reminded of the shooting at Umpqua Community College last fall, and are grateful to Anne Kubisch of The Ford Family Foundation for sharing Roseburg's story of community resilience. Our six-state region represents America’s unique tapestry — urban and rural, young and old, indigenous and newly arrived, LGBTQ and straight. Sharing our different perspectives and experiences makes us stronger. Together, we remain committed to advancing philanthropy that supports vibrant, equitable and inclusive communities that honor our past, our people, our cultures — and creates a better future. more »

June 3, 2016

Our board and staff spend a lot of time thinking about ways we can enhance the value of our network. How is philanthropy evolving, and how do we support our members and partners as we navigate this changing landscape? Our hope is that by providing the connections, conversations, tools and spaces to explore the adaptive leadership challenges, we each become better equipped and more effective allies for our communities. more »

May 5, 2016

I always feel most proud of Philanthropy Northwest when we have created the space for our members and partners to learn together and from each other. On that front, it's been a banner season, and I want to say thank you to each of the emerging and established leaders who have connected with and through us in recent weeks. You have elevated the conversation about meaningful, joyful and effective philanthropy. Highlights include conversations and convenings about public policy, rural communities, arts funding and equity. We look forward to continuing these conversations throughout the year, including at our corporate social responsibility workshop next month and during our annual conference and 40th anniversary celebration in September. more »

April 8, 2016

Thanks to so many of you for your warm welcome and encouragement as I move into the role of interim CEO at Philanthropy Northwest. Our talented staff and thoughtful board continue to be wonderful partners, enabling me to fulfill my commitments to The Giving Practice while taking on additional leadership responsibilities for our learning network. Philanthropy Northwest's 2016 conference theme, Under One Sky, reminds us that from Alaska to Wyoming, from urban to rural, we remain connected by a greater purpose: our shared commitment to advancing philanthropy to support vibrant, equitable and inclusive communities. As interim CEO, I am also guided by you, our members, and I look forward to working with you during our 40th anniversary year. more »

February 8, 2016

Over the course of four years, the Building Community Philanthropy (BCP) initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Pacific Northwest team has brought together 20 partners — United Ways, identity-based funds, tribal governments and community foundations — to learn together, challenge each other and shift the way they see their role in their communities. In short, to participate in a peer network that rewards honesty and authenticity while also receiving funding to test new ways of working, and transform their work in positive and meaningful ways. Ted Lord and I recently facilitated a two-day convening for this learning cohort.  We’ve noticed three key shifts that BCP has helped unlock: more »