Daniel Kemmis

Senior Advisor, Democracy Northwest Initiative

Daniel is a former board member of Philanthropy Northwest. His passion for democracy and community-building is reflected in his work on Philanthropy and the Renewal of Democracy: Is it Time to Step up our Game? published in 2014 by Philanthropy Northwest, in cooperation with the Kettering Foundation. Philanthropy’s role in strengthening democracy is also one of the themes of Daniel’s next book, Citizens Uniting, which is commanding most of his attention as it nears completion. In the meantime, he is available to serve as a team member for consultation with grantmakers seeking to “step up their game” in contributing to democratic vitality in communities or governing institutions. 

Daniel is a past chair of the board of the Northwest Area Foundation and an associate of the Charles F. Kettering Foundation. His public career included serving as Mayor of Missoula, Montana, and as Speaker of the Montana House of Representatives. He is the author of 3 books: Community and The Politics of PlaceThe Good City and the Good Life; and This Sovereign Land: A New Vision for Governing the West. Daniel is a graduate of Harvard University.

Daniel Kemmis's blog posts

November 22, 2016

No matter which candidates any of us favored, from the presidential race on down the ballot, this election has cast a harsh light on the wounds and weaknesses of our democracy. This deep (and fully bipartisan) unhappiness with our political and governing institutions was never going to be cured by a single election, regardless of the outcome. While elected officials of both parties must certainly play a role in healing the deep wounds in our body politic, it is clear that they cannot do it alone. We all have to do our part — and that must include the philanthropic sector. To that end, Philanthropy Northwest is redoubling its own commitment to this work, primarily through a new initiative we’re calling Democracy Northwest. more »