Doug brings a deep commitment to advancing equity and inclusion in his role at The Giving Practice (TGP). He has served as an advisor to private and independent sector boards and leadership teams, as well as to high net worth individuals pursuing social change.

He joined TGP after stepping down from his 16-year role as President and CEO of the Meyer Memorial Trust, a private, Oregon-focused foundation. He guided the organization toward targeted grantmaking and impact investing, resulting in a more focused and deeper impact around the state. With Doug’s leadership and focus on diversity and inclusion, Meyer achieved majority representation of historically underrepresented and marginalized populations on the Meyer board of trustees, the executive team and the staff. 

Doug earned his law degree from Lewis and Clark Law School and a bachelor's degree from Stanford University. When the opportunity presents, he and his wife, Jackie, are fond of hiking in Portland's Forest Park, Central Oregon or wherever their travels take them.