JAM, short for “JoyceAnn Marie,” has always been driven and inspired to work in environments that are mission-driven and align with her own passions of addressing the vast inequities that negatively impact health outcomes within communities. Her background in public health, health education and health systems has taught her that all sectors within communities have an influential role to play in health outcomes, which has led her here to the philanthropy and non-profit sector.

JAM's role at TGP is to provide operational and project coordination support to our team of consultants. She’s inspired by our clients’ commitments to strengthen their impact and drive social change, and aims to provide the administrative overhead to ensure our TGP-client collaborations and projects run as smoothly as possible.  

JAM recently completed her master’s degree in health policy, specializing in health systems, from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. When she’s not traveling around the world, she’s definitely eating anything and everything she can get her hands on as well as jamming out to some tunes always.