Leslie enjoys collaborating with funders to help them improve and streamline their grantmaking practices and create grantmaking solutions that best advance their strategic interests. She brings over a decade of experience with private and public grantmakers from the dual perspectives of the program and grants roles she has led. 

Prior to joining The Giving Practice, Leslie served as a Program Officer for the Corporation for National and Community Service and a Grants Manager at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Leslie applies her cross-sector experience to help organizations be more efficient and effective in how they approach their philanthropy. By ensuring that both funders and grantees feel comfortable adapting and working together, Leslie aims to bring authenticity to the work and more meaning in the “giving.”

Leslie has a B.A. in Accounting from Emory University and a master’s degree in social policy from Catholic University. In her spare time, Leslie and her tween son enjoy paddling around in their kayaks, exploring new bike trails and kitchen experiments.