Nora Kim Headshot
Business Director

Throughout her professional and personal life, Nora has always been committed to community-building – particularly with organizations improving and fostering change today as well as for future generations. She is dedicated to inspiring and influencing others to create lasting change towards a more equitable society, and deeply respects the work that has been accomplished to this end.

Prior to joining TGP, Nora served as a Philanthropic Advisor with the San Francisco Foundation, a Communications and Development Officer for a children’s advocacy organization and as Vice President with a wealth advisory firm. Early in her career, she worked in microfinance with the World Bank and as a policy consultant with the World Health Organization. In her volunteer time, she has served on the Board of Directors for a foster youth advocacy organization and mentored foster youth as a court-appointed special advocate.

Nora has a master’s degree in public health from Boston University and a bachelor’s degree from the George Washington University, and is a 21/64 Certified Advisor in multi-generational family philanthropy. On the weekends, you can find her exploring the trails of the Pacific Northwest with her partner, Mike, and dogs, Rosie and Harrison (the latter of whom insist on making appearances in every Zoom call she has).