Paul Kim

Research and Knowledge Manager

A native Californian, Paul recently moved to Seattle in search of new experiences, and is excited to join our learning network.

Before coming to Philanthropy Northwest, Paul spent four years working in rural Thailand: one year with the Fulbright program in a village school in Khon Kaen, then three years working on a capacity-building project in Chiang Rai. Through these experiences, he developed a strong commitment to education as a means of fostering human development and intercultural understanding, and the values of empowering underprivileged and indigenous communities.

Paul earned a bachelor's degree in international studies from Pitzer College and has served in the U.S. military. He speaks Korean and Japanese, and is proficient in Thai. Outside the office, you might spot him trying to learn to ride a bike, making leather goods or sipping coffee in Pioneer Square.

Paul Kim's blog posts

February 23, 2017

Between the changing political landscape, our membership renewal cycle and planning for major programs, the first two months of this year have kept us busy at Philanthropy Northwest! Before we continue at this rapid pace and scale — adding the next edition of Trends in Northwest Giving and the second cohort of our Momentum Fellowship to the mix — we'd like to pause for a moment to welcome five new organizations to our network this year: Beneficial State Foundation / Beneficial State Bank, The Sheri & Les Biller Family Foundation, Idaho Community Foundation, Legal Foundation of Washington and Washington Research Foundation. more »

October 19, 2016

This fall, Philanthropy Northwest celebrates 40 years as a thriving network of foundations and corporate giving programs committed to Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. Last month, more than 200 philanthropy leaders joined us Under One Sky in Missoula, Montana to explore this work through the lenses of democracy and equity, and to raise a glass with our founding members, valued partners — and several new friends. We're thankful for the support and partnership of our longtime members, along with three organizations that have joined us more recently: Grays Harbor Community Foundation, Group Health Community Foundation and U.S. Bank. more »

August 25, 2015

Growing up in Los Angeles, one of most diverse cities in the world, I was constantly reminded of the importance of embracing our differences. Before coming to Seattle and joining Philanthropy Northwest last month, I spent four years in Thailand, where I had the opportunity to experience even greater disparities between indigenous peoples, migrant workers, women and the ruling majority. Along the way, I've learned that being a good educator means being a good student. Effective teaching is about listening, questioning, being responsive and open-minded. It’s about reaching out to others and encouraging interaction and responses. I look forward to applying these lessons to my new role at Philanthropy Northwest and learning more from our network of indigenous, rural and urban community leaders, social entrepreneurs, funders and partners. more »