Sharayah Lane

Manager, Programs

Every once in a while that perfect job comes along that allows us to bring all of our experience and background to a role. This is one of those moments for Sharayah Lane. As a program manager with The Learning Network, Sharayah brings her background in tribal economic development, social justice and equity, rural strategy and group facilitation to the organization. Her work focuses on supporting Philanthropy Northwest’s opportunity zones engagement, rural programming, work with community foundations and the Momentum Fellowship program.

An alumnus of the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance at the University of Washington, Sharayah’s academic background focused on fiscal policy and tribal economy. Her passion is strategizing and finding ways to identify and address the inefficiencies and inequities that remain from the economic and social impact of our nation’s history. Sharayah is a member of the Lummi Nation with a background in journalism and policy and has navigated numerous sectors. She enjoys creating connections across differences with a shared goal of increased equity and understanding. When she is not working to change the world, Sharayah can be found lost in a book, reading or writing, and sharing in her cultural teachings and, in turn, teaching them to her son Ian.