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February 2019 | The Giving Practice

What roles are most important to your work? How do you construct them and bring your unique talents to the role? How do you manage your personal challenges in the role? Borrow a few techniques from fellow practitioners described in this brief.

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February 2019 | The Giving Practice

What’s your hardy perennial dilemma at work? Read why practitioners value reflective practices for navigating their dilemmas. Review the case for making reflective practice a required discipline in philanthropy.



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November 2018 | The Giving Practice

Are you curious about how to create a routine that allows you or your team to reflect on your philanthropic practice? Dara Weinerman Steinberg, Executive Director of Lippman Kanfer Family Foundation, shares her experience wrangling time to reflect and how it has reinvigorated her belief in the value of informal learning from strategy.

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September 2018 | The Giving Practice

reflective-practicesCross-posted from Philanthropy's Reflective PracticesOur first interview about reflective practices in group work is with Brenda Solorzano, who is the CEO of the new Headwaters Foundation in Western Montana. So many of our readers have asked how do you reflect when your staff is small and multi-tasking all the time or when the board is just past start-up stage and anxious to move from planning to action or a new CEO has just arrived and feels the need to hit the ground running? Brenda and Headwaters offers us a chance to answer all these questions at once. 

Making Values Work for Teams
June 2018 | The Giving Practice

In this guide, you will find their stories about using four methods of reflective practice that can help you build what you bring to advancing change inside your foundation, with your grantees and other partners.


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April 2018 | The Giving Practice

What keeps you up at night?  Our hunch, based on interviews with dozens of skilled philanthropy practitioners, is that it’s not the “what” of your work. You care deeply about a place, a field or an issue. You work hard to stay on top of content knowledge. You network to learn from others. It...

Four Practices to Help You Work (and Sleep) Better
February 2018 | The Giving Practice

As a Senior Advisor and Vice President at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Dr. Gail C. Christopher led many initiatives that were not without controversy and difficult conversations. She launched the Foundation’s breastfeeding program as a health equity strategy for women and children...

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