New Journeys: A note from Audrey on TGP's leadership transition

Featured image: New Journeys. A note from Audrey on TGP's leadership transition.
Audrey Haberman
August 5, 2021

Dear Friends,

After 11 years with The Giving Practice and Philanthropy Northwest I’ve decided to embark on a new journey as the CEO of the Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation in Seattle beginning in September. 

So many of my conversations with clients have been about embracing both joy and sadness, and this decision represents another example of holding both excitement — about a new role where I can apply my skills, learn and grow  — and also significant loss about leaving this position that I am passionate about, an organization I care deeply for and people I love. 

The TGP team has never been stronger and I am so proud of our work. The experience, dedication, passion and heart that this team brings is hard to match and I’m eager to see all that they’ll achieve as they support the field through their commitment to equity, collaboration, helping leaders be their best selves and helping clients have meaningful impact.

I am grateful to our external partners and the board of PNW who have recognized that a consulting firm dedicated to building the field would create a valuable partnership, and to you: our clients, friends and supporters in the Northwest and across the country. Without you we would not be the dynamic and growing practice that we are today. 

As I step down, I ask you to join me in celebrating the amazing team of TGP staff and consultants and Sindhu Knotz’ leadership over the last 10 years. Sindhu will continue to lead TGP through this transition and as before, you can reach out to her regarding the organization.

As I transition to the Biller Family Foundation, I’m looking forward to reconnecting with you as a member of PNW, a colleague and a client of TGP. 

Thank you, always, for your partnership. 

With love and gratitude, 






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