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February 15, 2018

Theresa Fujiwara, United Way of King County and Lauren Kastanas, El Centro de la Raza |

To better understand how philanthropic investments could help Latino communities to thrive in Seattle and South King County, WA, the United Way of King County partnered with the University of Washington School of Public Health and El Centro de la Raza to design a research process that would center the voices of those most affected by the issues and help funders hear and learn from them, especially regarding what their funding priorities should be. more »

February 14, 2018

Mark Dederer, Executive Director, The Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation |

Many industries struggle with bringing in diverse and young talent into their pipeline, and there is no magic bullet. With more than a decade helping young job-seekers develop banking and financial careers at BankWork$, we have been able to create a solid curriculum and training program -- and build a sustainable road for young people to enter the banking world. Here we share our best learning in workforce development. more »

February 13, 2018

Sharon Nyree Williams, Executive Director, Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas | Central District Forum is continuing the legacy that was laid before us, with a mission to provide a platform for provocative arts and ideas that foster awareness of and involvement in Black experiences. I can only imagine how hard it was for the supporters back then to start CD Forum because sustaining the organization in 2018 is challenging work. The good news is that funders throughout the field increasingly agree that it is important to develop a funding practice and structure that includes diversity, equity, inclusion and access. more »

February 7, 2018

Jan Jaffe, Senior Partner, The Giving Practice | In celebration of Black History Month and continued observance of this year’s National Day of Racial Healing, our team sat with Dr. Gail C. Christopher, a former Senior Advisor and Vice President at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and architect of the foundation's Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT) framework, to discuss what reflective practices she has used to meet challenges as a philanthropic practitioner. more »

January 29, 2018

Jessica Stewart-Kuntz, Dir. of Operations and Grants, Montana Community Foundation | At Montana Community Foundation, Inc. (MCF), we have been reflecting on what happens when we say yes—yes to new programs, yes to new ideas and yes to taking big risks. If you had asked us, a statewide community foundation, to discuss disaster philanthropy six months ago, we wouldn’t have had much to say, at least not in the personal meaningful manner we desire. But, things change and they change fast. Fortunately, we said yes. more »

January 17, 2018

Amy Pearson-Wales | In observance of this year's National Day of Racial Healing, our team had the honor and privilege to sit in conversation with Liz Medicine Crow, President and CEO of the First Alaskans Institute and a longtime member of Philanthropy Northwest’s Board of Directors. The following is an excerpt of our dialogue on racial healing, and the ongoing work required for achieving it. more »