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May 16, 2018

Kris Hermanns, Pride Foundation | From my perspective, the leadership Philanthropy Northwest encourages and supports is not primarily about our titles or tenure. This network is about learning and growing from and with our peers, wherever we are, whatever our roles. It is about holding ourselves accountable, learning from our mistakes, and putting our communities in the center, always. more »

May 16, 2018

Mijounga Chang, Momentum Fellow in Data (Meyer Memorial Trust) | In March, I joined the nine other Momentum Fellows of Philanthropy Northwest for a dynamic two-and-a-half-day retreat. This was our first time reuniting since we met six months ago when we began the Momentum Fellowship. The fellowship has placed us at different foundations across the Pacific Northwest and has offered us programming and network opportunities to jumpstart our careers in philanthropy. more »

Talking About Evolutions cover image
May 10, 2018

Mark Sedway, Senior Partner, The Giving Practice | Everything is in process. But our ways of thinking about organizational development often don’t account for that. Our tools can be static, designed to look at single slices of time, where things are right now rather than where they’ve been and where they’re headed. To help our clients think in terms of ongoing change, The Giving Practice developed the “Talking About Evolutions” exercise. How is your organization, team, project, strategy or field evolving—from what to what? Our prediction: The process of thinking about evolutions will galvanize your group. We have seen it happen again and again. more »

May 9, 2018

Antony Chiang, Empire Health Foundation | What does it look like when philanthropy creates strong partnerships? When it moves towards true collaboration? Our sector grapples with these questions constantly. We know to maximize our impact, we have to get out of our silos and work together. We know that partnering with community and nonprofit leaders isn’t just equitable, it is the most effective way to seed change. And we know that we can’t do this alone. more »