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Our Consulting Team

Senior Advisor, The Giving Practice

Dawn focuses on a wide range of strategic advisory work including business model development, sustainability planning and strategic human capital development. She brings over 20 years of expertise across the policy, corporate and philanthropic sectors.

Senior Advisor, The Giving Practice

For 17 years, Lisa has served nationally and internationally as a coach, a facilitator, and an educational, organizational and development consultant for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.  In 2014, she was named a Social Impact Fellow by RSF Social Finance. Most recently, she led the successful efforts in Idaho to pass Benefit Corporation Legislation.

Managing Partner, The Giving Practice

Audrey is The Giving Practice's managing partner. Her passion for people, places and communities is evident in her work with Washington community foundation, her support of learning cohorts through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and her work guiding several funder collaboratives.


Senior Partner, The Giving Practice

Jan’s consulting work focuses on strategic planning, onboarding and professional development program design and facilitating collaborative groups. In addition, Jan does coaching with foundation executives and staff. She has developed a broad set of reflective practice tools that help philanthropists bring curiosity and creativity to the dilemmas that emerge in our work.

Senior Advisor, The Giving Practice

Anne brings 20+ years of experience in foundation and nonprofit organizational management, development and governance, strategic communications, external affairs and philanthropic advising. She loves making connections between people, ideas and resources. Prior to joining The Giving Practice, she helped multi-generational family foundations develop shared visions and strategies for impact at Arabella Advisors, managed a $6.9 million charitable giving budget and provided personalized grantmaking consultation and board training to the top 240 executives at WaMu. 

Managing Partner, The Giving Practice

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Sindhu is delighted to be a Partner with The Giving Practice, where she partners with foundations in our region to help them achieve their goals through customized solutions. 


Senior Advisor

Carol joined The Giving Practice as a senior advisor after serving as CEO of Philanthropy Northwest for nine years. During her time as its leader, Philanthropy Northwest grew threefold, expanding its business model to include more consulting and community partnerships. She is deeply committed to both philanthropic collaboration and community building, and works with her clients to advance their effectiveness through improved partnerships.

Senior Partner, The Giving Practice

Ted Lord has been integral to the growth of The Giving Practice since its founding. His multi-year work with Cascadia Foodshed Financing Project, national child welfare CEOs, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Building Community Philanthropy, the Road Map funders group and Philanthropist Forum centers around supporting collaboratives, especially in their adventures to discover how to contribute all their various forms of capital.

Senior Partner, The Giving Practice

Mark helps clients make an impact through strategic planning, collaborative inquiry, group facilitation, influence strategy, and tool and visual design. His clients over the last year have included PolicyWorks, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, Meyer Memorial Trust, and California’s three regional associations of grantmakers. Mark’s passion is to help leaders in the social sector develop and spread good ideas and champion the causes they care about.

Senior Advisor, The Giving Practice and Impact Investing Catalyst Fellow

Rosalie is a community investment consultant. She helps mission investors find and make deals that create affordable housing, community facilities, local food systems and small businesses. Rosalie has also managed a number of national initiatives, working to build new investment tools, platforms and funds. Rosalie’s emphasizes practical strategies grounded in local relationships.

Research Analyst, The Giving Practice

Coming from Dallas, TX, but a native of Southern California, she made the jump to Seattle to join the Philanthropy Northwest team. She currently acts as the Research Analyst to support The Giving Practice team in the areas of research, data analysis, planning and designing meetings and convenings, managing the Reflective Practices blog and capturing the team’s knowledge


Partner, The Giving Practice

Leslie is passionate about helping funders be more efficient and effective in how they approach philanthropy. She also enjoys working with funders interested in strengthening funder-grantee relationships and fostering peer learning among funders and grantees.


Senior Advisor, The Giving Practice

Pat Vinh-Thomas brings 15 years of experience in participatory evaluation research and policy analysis in community-building and public health systems change initiatives, with a particular focus on vulnerable populations.