Katie is a proud mom of twins who are currently navigating high school and adolescence in Seattle. She wants to make sure all young people can be supported to thrive which is why she is passionate about using her skills and talents to support individual leaders, teams, organizations and multi-sector coalitions who are working to advance a more just, equitable and joyful world.

She has spent over 25 years in the government, philanthropic and nonprofit sectors, supporting personal, organizational and systemic transformation. Katie sees her purpose as supporting change leaders who want to more effectively and intentionally use their power in advancing a more equitable and just world -- which is one of the many reasons she is proud to be a senior advisor at The Giving Practice.

Katie loves to learn, grow and connect so she loves podcasts, audiobooks, trainings, fellowships, retreats and leadership programs. She loves walking, hiking and getting on her Peloton machines. She is married to her partner of 33+ years and loves connecting with family and current friends as well as making new connections.

Reach out to us to work with Katie if you want thought partnership, facilitation, consulting and/or coaching support in advancing a more just, joyful and equitable world!

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