Leading for Racial Equity with Peer Support: Reflections on the Power of Cohorts for Learning, Resilience and Action

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Publish date: 
October, 2021

Building cultures and practices that address racial equity can be one of the most complex and challenging experiences of a leader’s career. When there’s no map to follow, no magical checklists that tell you you’re doing it right – peer cohorts offer a critical space for self-reflection, testing ideas and sustaining commitment.

This report captures our observations across nine years of peer cohort facilitation for executive leaders, providing insight into common leadership dilemmas on race, inclusion and power in philanthropy, why peer support is so effective and how it helps leaders move their organizations to action.

We would like to thank the foundation leaders who stepped forward and participated in our peer cohorts over the years, and Casey Family Programs and the Ford Foundation for funding this reflective piece and supporting the launch of our trustee cohorts. 

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