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June 2024 | The Giving Practice

For nearly 25 years, TGP senior advisors have been designing and facilitating strategy projects for a wide range of clients from small family and community foundations to large private foundations, philanthropy serving organizations (PSOs) and funder collaboratives. 

Across our team, we...

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May 23, 2024 to October 29, 2024
9:00am to 12:00pm

This cohort is designed to be a space for senior leaders in foundations to step into their personal leadership and drive impact in their spheres of influence.

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March 2024 |

As the chair of the nominating and governance committee, it is my pleasure to announce that we are opening the call for nominations for the Philanthropy Northwest Board of Directors. There are currently four open board seats.

As we open the board nomination process, we...

Philanthropy Northwest board members at a board retreat in Whitefish, Montana
February 2024 | The Giving Practice

Can we talk about…? began as an experiment based on an observation: For the complex, messy work of advancing race equity, the most valuable tool often isn’t a tool at all. It’s peer support.

The podcast, from The Giving Practice at Philanthropy Northwest, builds on 10 years of...

Podcast feature image that says "Saying the Real Stuff Out Loud" Themes from Season 1 of Can we talk about...? on leading for racial equity at the board level with headshots of all the guest speakers
December 2023 | The Giving Practice

Bringing younger generations into the governance of family foundations is exciting and a bit complicated. When the governing generation “hands over the keys,” it often prompts families to reconsider the impact and legacy of their wealth.

For the Kelleys, it was also an opportunity for...

Featured image with headshot of Craig Kelley on left side. Title on right side reads "Navigating Generational Transitions: A conversation with Craig Kelley on bringing a new generation into the Lora  Martin Kelley Family Foundation."
July 2023 | The Giving Practice

For leaders in philanthropy working to advance racial equity with their organizations, Can we talk about…? a podcast on leading for racial equity in philanthropy offers not a roadmap or checklist but stories – honest reflections, bold moves, aha moments, moments of fear, discomfort, joy and levity — to guide and support you along your journey. 

Philanthropy Northwest
May 1, 2023 to October 31, 2023
(All day)

New CEOs in philanthropy are not only navigating the expected leadership challenges that come with every CEO role, but also becoming familiar with their communities, organizations, staff, board members and, in some cases, the philanthropic sector. This cohort is designed for leaders new to their...

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